infrastucture that we use to help An addict Recover addiction

**A separate Detoxification room to provide a peaceful environment for the clients when they are in detoxification period.

**AC/NON AC both facilitated rooms avilable to Chose Between.

**facilitated with both western & indian style washrooms.

**balanced diet(as per Doctor's instruction) foods to keep our clients healthy & happy. We take care of both vegetarian & non-veg requirements of individuals.

**personal food and daily use items on request(but as per instruction by doctor and authority)

**experts with best experience to take care of our clients by 24*7/365 days.

**Supervised clinical medication with doctor check-up facility as per individual needs, taking care of different requirements we facilitate specialized experts like for full body check-up, de-addiction specialist, psychiatrist, general physician etc.

**Supervised experts & professionals for conducting input &counselling sessions for individual clients to satisfy their personalized queries.

**A wide variety of addiction related educational materials to keep our clients engaged, motivated and increase their knowledge base about addiction and positive coping skills.

**Television and music systems for weekend entertainment. Equipment for indoor games.

**celebration parties on different occasions and festivals(Durga puja , kali puja & Diwali ,saraswsati puja , 25'th december , 1'st january , 15' th august , 26'th january , Holi , EID

**24/7 CCTV survilance